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Here at 360 with our all experience and knowledge we have an in-depth understanding of all the different roles at your Football Club.

We know that being a volunteer in grassroots football can be both rewarding but also challenging at times, taking many roles and responsibilities and facing different scenarios. We can provide the tools and advice that can really enhance your role and help take your Club to the next level.

The Club

Coach Development Sessions – We can provide one off or weekly sessions for your coaches to observe with your players to help develop new coaching ideas to transfer to match day.

Session Plans – To help relieve the pressure of planning your sessions of your coaches, we are able to offer session plans for the season. Our session plans cover 22 weeks, with the sessions covering the key game principles Attacking, Defending and Transition.

Supporting You – We don’t just do all the work on the training ground! We are here to support you in everything else the club is required to deliver. Whether you want help with structuring your club, establishing your club to obtain charter standard or if you need support with policies and procedures to comply with FA guidelines tailored to the club ethos, we will support you. We are currently helping several Clubs implement effective Covid-secure new policies and procedures.


Session Planning – Want to improve planning your own sessions? We can support coaches in building session plans around the game principles to ensure the players can transfer this into game scenarios using the FA 4-Corner Model.

Session Reflection – Continuously improving is a never-ending process as a football coach, and here is where we can really help you. We can observe your sessions either in person or by reviewing a filmed training session, giving you feedback on the session content and flow, the effectiveness of both the delivery of the session and the player and team outcomes in relation to your development and improvement goals.

The Tactical Game – Gain a more in-depth tactical knowledge of the game, enabling you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your players/ the team as a whole and help motivate your players.

We can help build your specific footballing knowledge of the game based around the formations you adopt with your team, as well as specific attacking, defending and transition advice. We will help you understand the right questions to ask your players and improve your overall game management.


Understanding the Game – A workshop for your parents/volunteers to help them understand the club philosophy. We can also include information you wish to impart to your parents regarding training and games i.e. target setting, game management, use of substitutes, specific tactical details, EG so they learn about the roles and responsibilities of position within the team.

Help with ‘How to be a Great Parent’ – A workshop could include managing the expectations of parents at training and games, outlining your clubs parent code of conduct and explaining the importance of parents help and support. Also emphasising the importance of side-line communications before, during and post-match.

Please contact Chris Evans at or call our office on 01252 91888

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